Free LEAN Training


LEMA are currently delivering the following training free through The Black Country Skills Factory to help business’s up-skill their existing workforce.  Our next bitesize courses are on the 20 July at our Academy in Hockley Birmingham.  During the day we will be delivering the following and attendees are free to attend all or any one of these.

  • Application of Lean - Visual Management

    To enable learners to understand :- The definition of Visual management The inputs and outputs of a process Visual control and visual display How visual management links to other LEAN activities

  • Application of Lean - Kaizen

    To enable learners to understand :- The meaning of KAIZEN How to apply KAIZEN principles How to apply the deming cycle and root cause analysis techniques How KAIZEN links to other lean activities

  • Application of Lean - 5S

    To enable learners to understand :- The application of 5S in the workplace How to identify what is and is not required for the task The setting of standards for the work area How 5S links to other LEAN activities

  • Application of Lean - 8 wastes

    To enable learners to understand :- The definition of waste in industry The 8 forms of waste How to identify and eliminate waste How 8 wastes links to other LEAN activities

  • The above courses can also be delivered free on-site for Company’s where you have a number of employees you would like to attend. (a room with seating and the facility to project will be required)

    To be eligible for our free courses you must be based in the Black Country and in one of the five transformational sectors. These are:

  •  Advance Manufacturing (HVM) including Food and Drink

  • Transport technologies, including Aerospace

  • Construction, including Building Technologies

  • Environmental Technologies

  • Business Services

    All individuals must be eligible for European funding. Once we have assessed your criteria, then we can fund your training through the Skills Factory.  If this is of interest to you please contact me at [email protected]

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